You deserve to have a birth where you feel in control, prepared and like the badass that you are!

Thats what you want right?…. why wouldn’t you!

But you’ve spent your whole life being told that birth is scary and something to fear.

Well lovely! We are here to tell you that you don’t have to feel scared and that feeling the way you want to is just a click away!

The Birth Uprising Digital Hypnobirthing Package

  • Helping you go from laying awake at night worrying about birth to waking up feeling ready to smash it
  • Learn your rights, how to take control & get what you want from your birth.
  • Practical tips to help you prepare for the birth that’s right for YOU.
  • Get ready for the postnatal period and feel confident you know how to help you.

Whats Included:

  • 8 Hours of Pregnancy & 2 Hours of Postnatal Information.

Presented over multiple bite sized videos. Ready for you to consume when you want.

  • 5 Hypnobirthing Audios (2 hours +)

Written and recorded by a trained and very experiences badass hypnotherapist with a specialist in birth (Ruth Olayinka) These are there to aid you in your journey to feeling calm and confident.

  • 28 Page Course Companion Booklet

For you to print out and take with you to labour and really helpful for birth partners.

  • A Closed Facebook Group

Only available to those doing the digital pack. Where you can ask any questions you may have and get to know other parents.

  • Presented By Experts in Their Field

Delivered to you by Jade & Alix, hypnobirthng instructors & doulas who have taught over 1000 people and your ultimate birth nerds!

Whats Covered In The Course Then:

 We Couldn’t Possibly List Everything But Here’s A Break Down Of Some Of The Most Important Parts.

  • Changing Your Mindset on Birth

Which in turn will change the way your body works during labour.

  • The Birth Partners Role

And how they can support you to have the birth you are after.

  • Taking Control of YOUR Birth

Your rights in birth and how to get what you want in any situation.

  • The Stages of Labour

What to expect at each stage of labour, how to recognise it and what you can do to help yourself.

  • Coping with Contractions

Techniques and breathing exercises to focus your mind during surges

  • All Types of Births

Vaginal, Induction, Caesarean and how to get what you want from each one.

  • Birth Planning

How to write a birth plan and what to include.

  • Postnatal Planning

Learn how to care for yourself and your baby in the 4th trimester including Breast & Bottle Feeding.

Hypnobirthing is attributed to shorter labours and more positive feelings towards peoples births, and that’s no matter how their baby was born.
You deserve to feel:









And that’s what this course can do for you!


Whats Different About The Birth Uprising Digital Course Is We Want You To Feel Prepared For All Possibilities, We Want You To Be Ready For The Postnatal Period And We Want You To Know You Are A Badass And Can Absolutely Do This!

The Digital Course is only £45 for 12 hours of content!

It was important to us that the price remain low to ensure everyone could afford the education they deserve!

It will be the best money you spend this pregnancy, and will last you a life time!